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OK, so I arrive to work on this lovely Saturday morning, I’ve set up our outside display of plants etc., and have just started creating that days orders ready for delivery. A customer enters the shop. At this point I didn’t realise obviously that in those few seconds of him entering the shop that my morning was going to change in an instance. From calm and collective to H.E.L.P

I asked the customer if he’d like any help, he replied ‘yes please I’m getting married, my wife to be has realised she hasn’t organised a brides bouquet and would quite like one.’

My reply ‘ that’s okay, when’s the wedding?’

Customer ‘ well we are getting married in 45 minutes!’

At this point I knew I had to help him, after all it was their wedding day

My reply ‘ ok, that’s fine I can help you, obviously we only have the flowers that you can see in the stand (although the display was pretty good.

Luckily the customer wasn’t fussy and was just grateful that I could assist him with creating the bouquet so that he wasn’t late for his wedding.

Together we discussed the possibilities, we decided on a lovely tied posy all whites and creams. the posy included a few roses, foliage’s, gypsophylia, freesia, lisianthks.

Now time to create such a beautiful item in a fraction of the time. This I guess is where experience helps (and a bit of organisation and luck) There was absolutely no time for fiddling this bouquet to perfection, it clearly had to be perfect first time and in approx fifteen minutes.

So I started putting the flowers and foliage’s together, it was actually coming together really well and really quickly too. The ribbon handle was added. I’d achieved a beautiful bouquet, the groom to be was over the moon (and most importantly, he wasn’t going to be late for his wedding) No-one who attended the wedding would ever have realised I’d only had such a short amount of time to produce the bouquet. I’d done it!! Bouquet was complete and groom left ready to get married

Time for a cuppa for me and to continue for the rest of the day wondering who was going to be next to need my help.

All in a day’s work as a florist – never a dull moment!