Let the preparation begin…..

It’s coming up to that time of year again, yes you’ve got it valentines. The single most busiest day of the year for us florists. preparation is definitely the key to succeed. It’s time to prepare wraps, vases, bows, stock up on all sundries. It’s time to think red. love, hearts and all that gooey stuff. Romance is definitely not dead!!

So how do we know how many roses to pre- order, when we haven’t even got an order placed yet. I tend to look at last years figures, this shall give us some idea., although every year is different. there is no pattern. I’m going to be a little braver this year and order more so that i can have even more ready made items in the shop than i usually do.

So forming a chart, working out how many inter floras we received last year, how many ready made bouquets to have in the shop. These figures give you a basis to work out how many roses you shall need. as last year was on a sunday, we found it slightly quieter on the sunday itself, although busier on the saturday. It’s a Tuesday this year, let the fun begin.

WE uses vases for all our dozen rose bouquets. what you save in time, you send on a vase – much easier and quicker.


I’d love to hear your hints and tips of surviving valentines as a florist.