As you visit your florist or choose to order online, maybe with a little advice we can help you choose a stunning design with a personal message sent through the flowers it includes. Bespoke items don’t have to be costly, by being creative with your choice of meaning can help dictate the design contents.


A very popular choice for funerals, lilies suggest that the soul has returned to innocence. They symbolise purity and virginity.

images-1 Carnations are often found in sprays and wreaths. As with all flowers, each colour has its own meaning – red shows affection whilst white symbolises innocence.

imgres-3hydrangeas are not so commonly used in funeral tributes, although they are a stunning flower with a perfect meaning. it is believed that hydrangeas symbolise true heartfelt emotions. Hydrangeas are a seasonal flower, but we would be happy to discuss availablity with you.

imgresOrchids come in multiple colours and varieties, but no matter which you choose the meaning stays the same – i will always love you. A truly stunning flower with the perfect message.

imgres-2Hyacinths are usually used amongst other spring flowers in a spray or wreath due to their stems being quite short in length. Apart from their vibrant colours and uplifting scent, hyacinths are believed to send a message that you are always in our prayers.

imagesroses are an extremely popular flower to choose for any funeral tribute to include. They can be arranged amongst other flowers or in a tribute on their own. However you choose they shall always look stunning red roses, traditionally for love, white roses for peace, purity and innocence. yellow roses signify the bond between friendships.