The wedding’s at 2pm!

I need a wedding bouquet …. help!!!

So our florists were all organised at Cambridge floral Designs today. A  few orders that were made, floor had been swept, enjoying the day. A lady enters the shop, she explains that her sister is getting married at 2pm today. She had been asked if she could get her some flowers from the co-op. luckily our customer thought better this, and asked a member of our professional team to produce a bridal bouquet.

With a couple of hours to go, Tanya soon created a pretty, delicate  wedding bouquet. The customer was happy when they collected, so were the florists.

 If you’ve forgotten to order your wedding flowers, it’s never too late { as long as you are flexible with the flowers you’d like included!

Flowers in the home

Adding flowers to your home

We all love the feeling when the sun’s shining outside and the birds are singing in the trees. it’s amazing how the little things can lift your spirits.

How about brightening your home with a beautiful display of fresh flowers. Not only do they look pretty, but there’s nothing more uplifting than flowers.


This is the perfect way  to make your house a home. choosing a few stems of choice flowers from your local florist, shall give you the style /theme you are looking for.

By simply adding flower food to your display shall help enhance the life span of your flowers.

Create your own displays, by using jugs or vases you can create some very natural designs.