Caring for Your flowers

How to care for your flowers-

1. Always use a clean vase, add fresh water and mix in some flower food.

2. Remove approximately 2cm from the bottom of the stems. cut the stems at an angle using sharp scissors. by cutting the stems at an angle this shall stop any air locks from occurring.

3. Remove all the leaves from the bottom half of the stems ensuring no leaves are in the water.

4. Every 3 days change the water in the vase and re-cut the stems. remove any damaged flowers etc. Again remove any foliage from the stems that may touch the water.

5. Most flowers are best displayed out of direct sunlight, away from heating or vents. avoid placing near ripened fruit, as they give off ethylene gas which shall shorten the life of your flowers.

Valentines day – “has she gone mad?”

I know you’re all thinking “has she completely lost her mind- it’s not valentines- it’s only January.?” , well in a florists world as soon as christmas has ended, it’s tome to attract all those romantic soles into your shop!

LET THE PREPARATION BEGIN…..This is the single most busiest day of the year. Preparation is definitely the key to success! It’s time to prepare the wraps, the bows the care packs, think what products you hall be promoting. its time to think red hearts, love and kisses everywhere.

so how do we know how many red roses to pre-order when we don’t know how many we shall sell. i tend to look at last years figures and pre order half of what our total amount was. This allows if it’s quieter than usual (for some strange reason) or if people order mixed bouquets rather than roses. this way you’ve still managed to get the roses at a decent price (or as good as you’ll ever get at valentines).last year we had approximately 4000 red roses plus other colours!!

300 pre made wraps always a winner. you won’t believe how much time you can save.

We never quite know how we get through it ( and without prepping , we probably wouldn’t), but somehow we survive to tell another tale